Pure Garcinia Cambogia Australia Review

garcinia cambogia benefitsaustralian flagSeems everyone is losing weight with Pure Garcinia Cambogia right?  Well what exactly is it?  And how does it work?  Read this review to find out if it really is as great as everyone is saying.

While the extract is relatively new, fruit from the Garcinia Cambogia plant has been eaten for centuries in Asia and India, where it is a native species. Several companies sell the extract in supplement form, but many only contain 30-50% of the active ingredient, HCA (hydroxycitric acid). It contains 60% HCA, making it much more effective that competing brands.

The extract is produced in the U.S. from natural ingredients in a GMP certified laboratory, which assures that it is of the highest quality and purity.

The fruit from which the extract is derived has been a staple in the cuisines of South Asian for hundreds of years, where it is used in chutneys, curries and preserved fish preparations. Its addition makes meals more filling, so it is often served in soups that are consumed prior to a meal to take advantage of the appetite-suppressing effects.

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In recent years, nutritionists in the western world have discovered the natural slimming properties of this powerful supplement, and doctors, personal trainers and health counselors have been recommending it for weight loss ever since.

One of the most difficult aspects of sticking to a diet is dealing with hunger, so the natural appetite suppressing qualities of this extract make it especially beneficial.

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

  • Fast and Sustained Weight Loss

  • Stops You Storing Carbs as Fat

  • More Energy

  • Feel Great From Natural Happy Hormone Boost

  • Kiss Goodbye to Binge Eating


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Karen Lost 14.1kgs with Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia: How It Works

The active ingredient in Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract, hydroxycitric acid, promotes weight loss through two distinct mechanisms of action. First, HCA suppresses the appetite by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

Serotonin is a “feel good” hormone targeted by many antidepressant medications; and when levels are low, people are prone to reactive or emotional eating. Increasing serotonin elevates mood and minimizes food cravings and stress eating.

HCA also blocks fat storage in the body. It does this by inhibiting, citrase lyase, an enzyme that synthesizes fatty acids from ingested carbohydrates. When citrase lyase levels are normal, sugars that are not used immediately for energy are converted into fatty acids and stored for later use. Decreased levels of the enzyme inhibit production of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and reduce fat storage.

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Clinical Studies

Proponents believe that supplementing with Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract can result in a 2- to 3-fold increase in weight loss without any subsequent changes in diet or exercise. But is there any data to back this up? There are actually numerous studies that support the efficacy of the HCA in accelerating weight loss. One noteworthy study involved 60 obese participants who supplemented with the extract for 8 weeks. The randomized placebo-controlled study found that a daily dose of 1320 milligrams per day resulted in an average weight loss of 14 pounds for members of the experimental group, while members of the placebo group lost only 6.1 pounds while adhering to the same diet and exercise parameters. The participants in the experimental group also reported improved mood and reduced appetite.

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Recent Popularity

The recent surge in popularity of the product can be partly attributed to endorsements by respected doctors who specialize in promoting health and wellness through lifestyle changes. They have both espoused the benefits of the supplement, recommending it as a safe and effective way to dramatically increase weight loss. Its popularity also stems from the fact that it is a relatively inexpensive natural weight loss aid with no negative side effects, with its efficacy backed by clinical studies.

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Ursula slimmed down 18.2kgs combining Garinia Cambogia with a Colon Cleanse

Recommended Dosage

Each Pure Garcinia Cambogia capsule contains 1000 mg of extract, 60% of which is the active ingredient HCA. The recommended dose is two capsules per day taken before meals, which provides approximately 1,200 mg of HCA per day. This is comparative to the dose administered in most clinical trials, and is considered to be optimal for weight loss.

With no diet and exercise changes people are losing huge amounts of weight with this product. However the best results are achieved when you do a little exercise and combine garcinia with a colon cleanse product.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia is 100 percent safe for most healthy adults, but it is not recommended for pregnant women or children under 18. Those with existing health conditions should consult with their doctors before taking this or any dietary supplements.

170Tamsin lost 19kgs with Garcinia

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